Let us have a humble and giving heart

A few years back the Lord really stirred me up inside. I have always been a musician and my main goal was getting popular and selling hit songs. I still remember the day that the Lord told me “I want you to write music for me and give the money away”. I was shocked, this mindset of giving and having a humble heart was new to me. After a few months of fighting I finally submitted and allowed the Lord to begin changing me.

Soon enough a good friend and I started a ministry called “Project Belize”. I wrote a Electronica album, my buddy Chris Webb created a Logo, website, and had shirts made. We set up camp  at our church and was astonished by the response. People came up left and right to purchase the items and soon we were raising money. We started with nothing, and over time we raised nearly $700.00 to give to assist in building churches in Belize! This was my first dose of humility, but the Lord changed my heart in too many ways to describe! He has given me a heart to reach out and bless others! About a year ago I began working on writing more music. Over the course of a few months I noticed my frustration growing larger and larger. I was trying to write music from my personal perspective and I could feel the holy spirit saying “David, stop! This isn’t my will for you”. Of course I was pretty confused at first. I knew music is a talent that I do have, and for me to just stop music all together just didn’t sit right. I missed the point completely.  The Lord was calling me to write music composed from only his word.

Soon after “The Word Composed” was born and the songs began to be created. I recently watched a video on a blog that moved me. These Christians show and share their humble and giving heart’s by blessing others! It’s a must watch! Here’s the link: http://lethoperise.com/2011/12/11/1441/

I want to give like these people gave. Not only to the community but to the world. Please pray and search your heart for ways that the Lord can use you at this capacity. I am right there with you, praying that he will reveal the same vision in my life.

 Here is the song I just released on iTunes. It’s straight from Revelation 5. I hope it blesses you!


6 responses to “Let us have a humble and giving heart

  1. Hey, I shared this on my blog, which I hope in turn will bring attention to yours. Do you have any way to share this sing on You Tube?? I have an account on YT (not my idea, but God’s, it’s Linked to my blog btw if you wanna check it out), and would Love to show off your music, I think it’s awesome, beautiful, and Glorifies The Lord– which should be our goal anyway 🙂 You did a great job with this. I’d love to hear what you could do with Rev 3…..Specifically a rapture piece.
    I subbed btw, and Blessings to you In The Lord: May HE Bless what you do!

    • I am deeply humbled and extremely thankful for sharing Revelation 5! I have hopes to put it on YouTube but I would love to have a video made for it. What do you think I should do? Do you think it needs to be in video format to be on YouTube? I would he honored if you put the video up on YouTube!

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