We’re back with renewed vision and purpose.

2014 is soon coming to an end and I can see how the vision of this ministry has slowly died. The Lord really has a way of making his perfect will play out. We have a renewed vision, our hope and desire is to bless the world with the gospel. This begins with creating a musical project that we can sell. As the music sells we will build funds to give to ministry. We do not have any particular ministries in mind but we believe that through prayer the Holy Spirit will guide us (John 16:13). Please keep us in prayer and stay tuned to see The Lord work in beautiful ways as we seek and save the lost for his eternal glory.


The Word Composed ministry team.


Nearly 900 plays on YouTube – Revelation 5

The YouTube video for “Revelation 5 is nearing 900 plays! Please help share this video and help to get God’s promise of salvation though accepting Christ as savior heard throughout the world! Here’s the video:

The One Hundred Dollar Bill

The One Hundred Dollar Bill

The One Hundred Dollar Bill

My daughter and I went to Walmart tonight to get some food. I was looking for sour cream and could not find it for the life of me. So I hovered around the yogurt isle when my daughter said “Dad look”. So I looked on the ground and there was a One Hundred Dollar Bill laying on the ground. So I quickly said “Well pick it up”. So she did. We were in a dilemma, I mean it’s a one hundred dollar bill and anyone in their right mind could say that it’s theirs. My daughter said “What are we gonna do dad? We should turn it in”. So I attempted to convince her and I that we should keep it since it’s cash. So We checked out and went to the car.

There sitting in my car I got a very convicting feeling in my heart. And I looked over at my daughter who was happily playing a game on my iPhone. I reflected on how I handled the situation and asked myself if this was the right decision. I mean, she will remember this day forever. The day we found The One Hundred Dollar Bill at Walmart and kept it. It didn’t settle right with me. So I called My wife. We struggled with the idea at first, but the more we talked about it the more we realized that we needed to make the hard decision to turn it in.

So my daughter and I walked back in Walmart and asked for the person in charge. While waiting for the store manager to arrive, I looked around at the people and thought “What if one of these people couldn’t feed their children tonight because I kept it”? So the manager came up and I explained the situation to him, stating that we are Christians and wanted to do the right thing. He had a very strange look on his face. Almost in shock but speechless. He stated that he will put it in the lost and found and if someone specifically asks for a One Hundred Dollar Bill then it has to be theirs. My daughter and I walked out of the store together and as I looked down at my daughter I was certain that she learned a very valuable lesson tonight, and so did I.

There will be many times in our lives where we will be forced to make a hard decision, the right decision. For ourselves, for our family’s, for our friends, for a stranger, and ultimately for Christ. After all it is about him, Right?

Is this a thought? Or is it God’s will?

We all have that moment, where we have a thought. We aren’t sure if the thought is “just some crazy idea” or is it “God’s will”. You may have had this thought a few weeks ago, or a few years ago. The Point is, the thought was there and now it more then likely isn’t.

A great example is http://www.thnkwater.com, when Chris Webb had that thought. He had to decide if it was just a good idea or if it was the very will of God. In 26 days his water campaign raised $2333.00 forever changing the lives of over 100 people. What if Chris would have decided that it was just some silly idea and through the idea out? These 100 people would still live drinking filthy water every single day.

Another example is http://www.toms.com/ for every pair of shoes bought from this website a pair of shoes is given to a child in need “One for One”. What if Tom decided that this was a crazy idea and discounted the whole thing? There would be a lot of shoeless children.

Take David and Ali Graham’s situation. They had felt the Lord calling them to adopt. Time went by with much prayer and the fight between”God’s vision for us” and “Our vision for us” commenced. A few months ago The Graham’s decided to listen to the voice of God and adopt Sarah Rosemarie Graham. They have provided a new life for a child who would have otherwise had a not so love filled life.

So my challenge is this. Take that thought, that idea and really ask God if it’s from him. If so run with it, and I know in all certainty that you will touch so many lives for the kingdom of God, that in hindsight you will thank God that you listened and that the lives of others will be changed forever. After all, God’s plan is to bless others and make sacrifices that glorify Him.

There are many Biblical examples and also many real life examples. The truth of the matter is that God has told you something at some point in your life and you either chose to do it or not. So what is it? Will you revisit the vision he has given you?

Let us have a humble and giving heart

A few years back the Lord really stirred me up inside. I have always been a musician and my main goal was getting popular and selling hit songs. I still remember the day that the Lord told me “I want you to write music for me and give the money away”. I was shocked, this mindset of giving and having a humble heart was new to me. After a few months of fighting I finally submitted and allowed the Lord to begin changing me.

Soon enough a good friend and I started a ministry called “Project Belize”. I wrote a Electronica album, my buddy Chris Webb created a Logo, website, and had shirts made. We set up camp  at our church and was astonished by the response. People came up left and right to purchase the items and soon we were raising money. We started with nothing, and over time we raised nearly $700.00 to give to assist in building churches in Belize! This was my first dose of humility, but the Lord changed my heart in too many ways to describe! He has given me a heart to reach out and bless others! About a year ago I began working on writing more music. Over the course of a few months I noticed my frustration growing larger and larger. I was trying to write music from my personal perspective and I could feel the holy spirit saying “David, stop! This isn’t my will for you”. Of course I was pretty confused at first. I knew music is a talent that I do have, and for me to just stop music all together just didn’t sit right. I missed the point completely.  The Lord was calling me to write music composed from only his word.

Soon after “The Word Composed” was born and the songs began to be created. I recently watched a video on a blog that moved me. These Christians show and share their humble and giving heart’s by blessing others! It’s a must watch! Here’s the link: http://lethoperise.com/2011/12/11/1441/

I want to give like these people gave. Not only to the community but to the world. Please pray and search your heart for ways that the Lord can use you at this capacity. I am right there with you, praying that he will reveal the same vision in my life.

 Here is the song I just released on iTunes. It’s straight from Revelation 5. I hope it blesses you!

Our debut single Revelation 5 is getting some iTunes attention!

revelation 5 itunes new song releaseIt has not even been a week and our debut single “Revelation 5” is getting some real attention. We are moving up in popularity and are receiving song reviews!

Please consider purchasing this track because all proceeds will go toward blessing others!!!

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